Men and Marriage: Popping the Question to the Girl of Your Dreams

April 29, 2014

You have been in love with just one girl for five years now. You look forward to spending the entire weekend with her, instead of just on Friday nights. You find yourself more attracted to her as the days pass, even when she is only wearing sweat shirts and trainers. You miss her, even when you saw her just two hours ago. You can picture yourself five, ten, fifteen years from now still blissful with her.

Well, you have not only been bitten by the love bug, but are probably infected with the marriage virus as well. If you feel all those things and more, marriage is definitely the next logical step in your relationship.

First, you must pop the question, but how? Asking "will you marry me?" is not as simple as it was before, especially because women now have expectations of being wooed and swept off their feet.

But hey, because you really love your girl, you will do anything for her, right? So give her the marriage proposal of a lifetime by carefully preparing the following:

The setting

The first thing you have to find is the perfect spot. Where will you propose? At a hot-air balloon? Too fairy-tale-ish. At a mountain top? Done hundreds of times already. At a major sports game? Too cheesy.

The trick is to find a venue that reflects the kind of relationship you have with your girl. Figure out the setting first before you finalise the other details, like the flower delivery, custom suits, engagement rings, etc.

The suit

Since this is going to be one of the most special days of both your lives, you need to dress the part by ordering custom tailored suits from a reliable fashion house. Look like a groom as you bend down on one knee and you will surely get that ultimate yes from your girl.

While you are at it, order a groom's suit as well. There is no harm in thinking positive, right?

The ambiance

It all boils down to the atmosphere that you are going for. Aside from the venue, you can achieve that through the decorative elements you add to the setting, like flowers, candles, music, and a freezing bucket of bubbly.

As a reminder, make sure you arrange for flower delivery at least 2 days before the big day. Also, look for a diamond ring as early as five months, and make sure you do not lose it!

The popping of the question

Here comes the most important part of our discussion.

How will you pop the question? Will it be just smoke coming out of an airplane, a simple "marry me" statement, or a ring in the middle of a beautiful bouquet of hydrangeas?

Make sure you talk to the flower delivery service first if you want to insert a diamond ring in the petals. You would not want an expensive jewel to be lost in the bouquet, would you?

And remember, it is not about the extravagance of the event, or the size of the diamond resting on the platinum. It is about you taking a giant leap of commitment for the lady love of your life, and after asking the question, why not cool down with playing emerald hobbies best war games to make the night more relaxed?



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