How to Shop Online Minus the Fraud and Identity Theft Worries

July 16, 2015

According to a report in Euromonitor International, in 2013, internet retailing in Thailand is seeing growth. This is due to several factors, including:

  • Increased number of brand owners having their websites built and offering online purchase service
  • Increased number of consumers owning tablets and smartphones
  • Improved IT infrastructure in Thailand
  • Increased penetration of credit and debit cards

This makes buying what you need, including custom-tailor clothes and suits, very convenient. Apprehensions always accompany online shopping, however, what with all the cases of fraud and identity theft that have been happening. Don't worry, there are ways to stay safe and steer clear from such worries.

  1. Use credit rather than debit card

There might have been many cases of identity theft through the use of credit cards, but the good news is unauthorised transactions now have a set limit. This eliminates the possibility of thieves using up all your credits and causing you a massive headache. Debit cards, bank account transactions, checks and money orders, on the other hand, remain very vulnerable.

  1. Keep your internet connection safe
  • To keep thieves out of your system, be sure to update your browser and use antivirus software. The application doesn't cost much, but will protect your online transactions, such as when you’re purchasing Inspire women's fashion and jewellery.
  • When using a wireless network, be sure it's secure and password-protected. So verify that you're on a secure network, before filling out any online form or when signing up on an e-commerce website.
  • Change your browser settings to limit or prevent stored information or cookies. You should also look for an option “Private browsing”, if it's available.
  1. Shop only at the right places

Any shopping you do must be done only on a private and secure computer or mobile device, not on a public or shared computer and network. If you really have to buy something, make sure to clear browsing history, cookies and password after your transaction is completed.

It is also highly recommended that you shop only at reputable and secure websites. You’ll know this by reading reviews and verifying that the merchant is trusted by users.

Another good tip, is to shop at sites specialising in the product you want. If you are looking for emerald hobbies wargaming figures, you want to visit a reputable, secure site that specialises in these so you are sure of getting original items.

Now, if you’re ready to go shopping, check out these options:

Also, be cautious of the amount of information you divulge. Name, address and credit card details are okay, but not bank account number, social security number or your birthday. Be wary of any email you receive that asks for additional information as well.

Identity thieves, fraudsters and scammers will also be present online. They feed on the vulnerable and unsuspecting users. By taking pre-emptive measures, however, buying pants suits or sports jackets won't be a worrying situation.

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