Four Things to Remember When Attending an Event

November 17, 2015

Events are held for different reasons. However, all of them have this goal: guest satisfaction. A party might be a charity fundraiser or an intimate gathering of close friends. But the organiser will always have the attendees in mind. Every aspect of the affair is planned to impress those who will be present. The occasion is considered a success if the people who were there enjoyed themselves or found it even memorable.

Never has a good impression been more important than in corporate events. You’ve probably noticed that in seminars or product launches, giveaways are always present. Usually, these come in the form of promotional items. See the sources below for more information:

Promotional goods often serve a dual purpose. First is to delight the recipient, and second is to promote the brand via the “the stickiness factor”.

Having provided an explanation about why guest satisfaction matters, let’s move on to our main point. If party organisers prepare for an event, a guest does the same too.

Whether you’ve been invited to a swanky soiree or a formal dinner, there are details that need to be considered. The succeeding paragraphs contain specific guidelines on how you can become properly ready for any party:

1. Consider the details

Usually, all the details you need to know about an event are printed on the invitation card. So take the time to read it, not just browse the content. By carefully checking the invite, you’ll then know which bits of information need to be clarified. Say, the restaurant where the celebration will be held has two locations within the city. You can immediately call up the host to check if you need to go to the one on Seventh Avenue or Tenth Street.

2. Know the dress code

Again, this little piece of info will be indicated on the invitation. Even if you already know a dress code is set, ask anyway. Arriving in the wrong attire can be utterly humiliating, and your host might also find it offensive.

It’s also essential to have knowledge on the basic types of dress code. The references below will be useful in your research:

3. Pick the right outfit

You now have an idea of what sort of garments to wear. The next thing on your agenda should be selecting the right outfit. Stick to the attire guidelines, but come in your best. For example, if the dress requirement is semi-formal, go to the party in a fine-quality suit. You can have one made by an experienced tailor.

4. Accessorise to impress

As a rule, accessories should be minimal when attending parties. Nonetheless, if you’ve been asked to attend a gathering of the city’s richest, then bring out the glitter. A white tie dinner is an excellent opportunity to flaunt those exquisite pearls or chunky diamonds. Don't have the right accessories? Don't worry since shopping for them isn't difficult. You can start your search by browsing through the jewelry offered by Planet Silver in Thailand. They offer a wide range of rings, earrings, pendants and necklaces, so the only thing you should do is choose those that fit your personal style.

Of course, if you're betrothed or married, don't hesitate to wear your engagement or wedding ring. In fact, you should proudly wear it and consider it as an important part of your entire ensemble! Still planning to pop the question or tie the knot? You can buy your engagement rings online at You can find more custom made engagement rings in Sydney at Armans Fine Jewellery.



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