Shopping for Clothes that Fit Just Right

April 29, 2014

While most women can spend their day in retail stores and boutiques, not all of them leave with stuff suited for them. Well, they may think it is perfect, but there is more to shopping than just paying for the first item that catches your eye. This is especially important when purchasing apparel. If you really want to get your money’s worth, you need to buy items with the following factors in mind:

Lines. These are patterns in the clothes that help create a visual impact. They tell dimensions of length, width, and create shapes and forms. They can even help create optical illusion, helping you look thinner or taller than you really are. So, if you want to look smaller or more slender, buy clothes that have vertical patterns. You should also remember that diagonals give the illusion of being taller, while horizontals will make you look wider and shorter.

Colours. They evoke emotion and express moods. When a person feels happy and bright, they wear clothes in pastel. When the mood is sad, people tend to wear dark or black. More than that though, shades are also used to highlight body features. If you want to look smaller, buy clothes in dark or dull hues, warm and light colours, on the hand, will give an opposite effect.

Texture. Consider the fabric used when shopping for clothes. Smooth fabrics, such as silk, make a person appear slimmer while bulky fabrics make someone heavier. When picking out clothes, make sure that they are created in comfortable fabrics that are easy on the skin.

Workmanship. Give any item a thorough inspection before you purchase it, as it might have a missing button, a ripped or stained portion, etc. Walking around with a poorly made dress is totally unattractive. This is why workmanship in clothing is an important factor when buying clothes. If you want guaranteed quality in your outfit, get in touch with J Singh Fashion through this website.

The next time you buy an outfit, use these tips to avoid becoming a major fashion fiasco.



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