A Man's Guide on How to Look Their Best in Every Occasion

July 04, 2014

Are you planning to attend a friend's upcoming wedding? Or do you like to attend a casual get-together with friends over the weekend? Whatever type of event you're planning to join, make sure to pick the right outfit for the occasion. Doing this greatly helps you exude self-confidence and sophistication. Now if you're still looking for ways to style yourself up, you might like to get started with the following pointers:

  • Consider the occasion. Know the type of occasion you're attending. Is it a formal gathering? Is it a casual meet-up with friends? Or is it a date with the lady of your life? If it's a formal or semi-formal occasion, opt for the classic wear - blue or black pair of trousers, suit and tie - to strike a sophisticated look. Or if you're planning to go for an outdoor party, you might like to shop for country clothing in the UK. For casual all-nighter parties, a pair of jeans and polo shirt will do.
  • Pair your outfit with the right accessories. Pick the right accessories to complement your outfit. For outdoor casual parties, for instance, you can pair your countryside clothing with a rubber dive watch. You can go for gold watches and bracelets for formal gatherings. Your wedding ring and college class ring go perfectly with semi-formal attire for work and business meetings.
  • Choose your footwear carefully. Know what type of shoes that go best with different outfits. You can shop for a nice lace shoe for your semi-formal wear. Remember, choose a pair of shoes that's darker than or of the same colour as your trousers.
  • Wear the right size. Make sure to opt for well-fitted shoes, trousers, suits or jeans. This is to ensure you're comfortable with what you're wearing, which can significantly add to your confidence and appeal. You can have your clothing made by a seasoned tailor to ensure top-notch garments.

By picking up the tips above (e.g. shopping country clothing from the UK, picking the right accessories, wearing the right size), rest assured that you'll look fashionable whatever type of event you're joining.

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