Find Out What Makes Texture an Important Aspect of Fashion

January 14, 2014

Texture plays a vital role in aesthetics, so much so that cowhide rugs and other decorative items with distinctive qualities are all the rage these days. It's quite common to see a cowhide rug or two in domestic and commercial spaces because they can do wonders for the interior. The same goes for apparel; wearing and layering the right textures can enhance your appearance.

However, to the average shopper, clothing texture is overlooked. This is often the case even though texture is as important as colour when it comes to quality. It's what adds depth to an article of clothing.

To get a better understanding of what makes texture a vital aspect of fashion, it helps to know about some of the key fabrics and the iconic traits that make them as famous as they are now.


This one's well-known for many reasons. For one, almost all knitted clothes are made from wool. There's also the fact that wool apparel are warm and easy to layer, which are two traits that make them sought-after pieces.


Leather jackets are not showing signs of losing steam in the world of fashion. Ever since their sudden rise in popularity during the later part of the 20th century, they've been an integral part of pop culture, being immortalised in music and film. Apart from them, cowhide rugs, cushions and upholstery are also essential to modern society.


Linen can take a lot of time to pr oduce, so it's no wonder that it's highly valued. Linens are believed to be the oldest textiles in the world, dating back to around 8000 BC. It was even used as currency at some point in ancient Egypt. Now, countless products ranging from bags, napkins and towels to pants and suits are quite common.


The surface of satin is typically smooth and glossy, but it's back is dull. It has a high lustre, and is a leading fabric in bed sheets. In apparel, it is common in women's lingerie, gowns, men's boxer shorts, briefs, shirts and athletic clothing. Some cut and paste t shirts online offers satin shirts.

When shopping, it's a good idea to mull over the texture as much as the colour. Whether you're looking for a cowhide rug or apparel, always take your time to make sure you choose quality items. And if you have questions about our shirts, suits, jackets, overcoats and pants, don't hesitate to visit us and get in touch. We also have special offers you might like.



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